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Happy New Year! Happy New Begginings!

OK! This is our first blog post and it's going to be more emotional than informational. I promise to keep this blog to share with you all of our background stories, but it's a new year and we are online ffffinally and I just want to say a few words, end of story!

I know that the previous year must have been a terrible nightmare with uncle Freddy lying next to you! Sooo...I am literally raising this f*cking glass and pray for this year to bring to each one of you a glorious entrance and a victorious exit!

For us, the previous year have been really buzy preparing this brand for all of you to see and fall in love with (we really hope that you will!). However, the beggining of this year finds us more excited than ever, ready to show you everything we' ve been up to and even more!  

Oscar Speach Alert:

I, personally, am very greatful for all of this. And YES! I would like to thank my family, who supported and trusted my every move, my boyfriend and my friends, who were always there while I wasn't (...since I was too buzy working!) and all my external colleagues, who made each one my steps more solid! I love you and thank you guys!

New Year's Resolutions:

As I always say I am not a life expert, but here's some of mine...

-Each day you're too focused on the parts of your life that suck (we all have those), try to throw some light on all of the things that are going well (and for the love of @ don't take them for granted)

-Find your own pace. Some of the things I regret, while building this brand, is that everything has happened so fast and I didn't have the time to really enjoy some moments, since I was too buzy moving on to the next step. I 'll make sure that this year I will have the time to play, feel and laugh!

-Smile, laugh, lighter up! This was my last year's resolution and eventually the main idea which gave birth to this brand: "we have to lighten up, I have to cheer up!". And, oh boy, I did!

-Make time for yourself. I won't even have to ellaborate, we all know what we have to do. 

-Not everything is black & white...there are 50 sexy shades of grey in between (ho-ho)! No seriously! Judge less, keep your ears and your mind open al-ways. 

-Let yourself be impulsive from time to time! It's exhausting watching over your back all the time, there are no hidden monsters in the dark...only the ones we create ourselves! So, next time you feel stupidly naive, good for you!

This is just the beggining and who knows what tomorrow will bring (we definitely learned that the hard way...), but today we are festive, happy and optimistic! Anna Maria will show you how ;)