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Adelie Pengu is a Greek local brand which was founded in 2020 by Myrto Papailiou. 

We are happy, we are fresh and we stand for humor, diversity and fun! Our mission is to deliver to you uplifting basic clothing lines decorated by colorful unique patterns made by us locally. Our products are playfully elegant, timeless and have a unisex be prepared for baggy boyfriend stuff! 

Warning! We do not take ourselves seriously and yet we are for real! 


You would imagine we are French, or that we have some kind of twisted relation to penguins. Well, we kinda are and we kinda do! The name comes from the Adelie Penguins, a cute species of penguins whose name is originally french.

Our penguin has the elegance of a duke and the goofiness of a clown! It is black and white, as all things in life. Our penguin embraces diversity without giving a damn. It stands and it falls all the time, as we all do (at least the lucky ones). Our penguin is loyal, as we are going to be to you. 

But most importantly, our penguin focuses on having more fun and less arguments with other penguins as much as it can! 


Dance, laugh, have fun! Go out, get dressed, walk silly and smile to strangers. Be spontaneous just for one day and get serious again if you like. Be just, gentle and kind, karma is a bitch. Be your best version as much as you can and embrace your worse version too, we all have both! Let yourself loose and...