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We are a small local business.

As much as we think that this says it all, we should really elaborate. Sustainability is all about transparency after all, isn't it?

OK let's see what we could do! 

Our production is local.

All the design and the production process of our products (design, cut, make, print, embroidery etc.) takes place in Greece.   

No product stock.

We hate waste! We produce in low quantities and according to demand. In that way we can control our stock and prevent mistakes. 

Custom digital printed fabrics.

I've heard something very honest recently: there is only one thing we can be 100% sure about its influence on the environment and that is the life of a garment.

In Adelie Pengu we try hard to increase the emotional value of  our products by putting ourselves in every aspect of them. All our prints are custom, made with love every season! Moreover, digital printing is a printing technique which eliminates water consumption and it is considered to be more sustainable.

No fabric stock.

Another beautiful outcome of creating our own fabrics is that no fabric goes to waste! How can you through away your own blood? The fabrics are ordered in limited quantities and we can reorder them if we need to produce more. In this way, we produce slowly without fabric stock and unnecessary expenses!

Recycle creatively.

In a production, there are always scraps of fabrics or whole pieces which usually go to waste. However, we prefer to be creative and use them in order to produce lovely low cost accessories for all of you lovely people! 

Timeless durable garments.

Our designs are no apocalypse, that's what we love about them! We have all loved the warmth of a boyfriend shirt or the easiness of a T-shirt. We create comfortable garments for a lifetime, which will always be in fashion without even following it! Think of it like this, others cook soul food and we make soul clothes!

Additionally, as we previously mentioned, we create custom prints every season which add to the emotional value of your garment and we hope that you won't be able to ever let it go!


We hate to break to you but you have responsibility as well! That is taking good care of your garment and recycling it when the time comes (we hope never!). For this reason, we have created custom clothing carelabels to remind you how to take good care of your garment with the least energy and water consumption possible. 

No animal leather and fur.

We do not use any animal leather or fur in our production, or anything that would cost a creature's life as matter of fact.


We are ready to answer honestly any of your questions as we try to answer them to ourselves every day. Who made my clothes? Where do these fabrics come from? Where did my cotton grew? Some of these things are known to us and some are still under investigation, but in any case, we have no reason to hide something from you. As a result, we will always give you as much information as possible and if this is not enough please feel free to ask!

We are no experts but we always try to do our best towards what seems to be obviously right!